What to Expect

As you’re preparing for your adventure, please remember to dress appropriately. Even if you booked a ride in the summer heat, please follow the dress code guidelines below. We will be riding through the woods, and it’s important that your legs are covered by long pants in order to protect against scratches from tree branches, bites from bugs, and pinches from the saddle.

What to Wear:
  • Closed-toe shoes are required; closed-toe, flat-sole boots with a low heel are preferred
  • Jeans or full-length pants
  • Top layers: t-shirt, sweatshirt, flannel, rain jacket, etc. It is Michigan - you never know what weather you're going to get!
  • Gloves, depending on the weather
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug/tick spray (tick season here is approximately May-July. Make sure to do a “tick check” once you return home from a trail ride)
  • Sunglasses

Please plan on arriving at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled ride time. Once you pull up to the Farm, you will see your horses saddled and waiting for you. Amanda or Molly will welcome you and get waivers signed and helmets fitted. Now would also be a good time to use the outhouse or get a drink of water, if needed!



  • Everyone has a specific way of riding, so even if you’ve ridden a horse before, you will still need to listen to the short demonstration of how to best communicate with and ride our horses.

  • After the demo, we will hold each guest’s horse while they mount, using the mounting block. Once you’re in the saddle, we will adjust your stirrups to properly fit your leg length.

  • Once everyone is situated, Amanda or Molly will lead the line and guests will follow in a single line to head out on the trail.

  • Throughout the ride, guests are welcome to take photos, just let your guide know to stop so that you can get that perfect shot! We are also happy to take photos for you.

  • Once we return to the barn, you will dismount, take any additional photos, and say goodbye to your horse.

Download, print, and sign your waiver before your ride to save time! Bring completed waiver with you to the farm.

No printer? No problem - copies are available at the farm, as well.