Our Story

ROSE CREEK HORSE ADVENTURES began sharing the joy of horses and the beauty of northern Michigan with its guests in the summer of 2020. The farm is located just off of the banks of the Thunder Bay River in Lachine, Michigan.


Known as the “Sunrise Side,” northeastern Michigan boasts hundreds of inland lakes and streams, plenty of untouched forests, and thousands of acres of farmland. The farm is located in the forest of Northeastern Lower Michigan on the banks of Rose Creek and the upper south branch of the Thunder Bay River. Located in between the Atlanta State Forest Area and the Thunder Bay River State Forest, and with ample wildlife and 400 acres of pristine land to explore, you’ll see why it’s so great “Up North” at Rose Creek Horse Adventures.

Owner Amanda Sumerix grew up in northern Michigan, but always dreamt of moving to Wyoming to work on and eventually own a dude ranch. She spent her summers learning all that she could about horsemanship, and eventually moved on to become a wrangler at a ranch in southern Michigan, effectively guiding trail rides and riding lessons for guests of all ages. While in college, she had a season working out west as a wrangler at Wyoming’s most remote and highest elevation dude ranch and outfitter. There, she strengthened her horse-packing and guiding skills, but there was something missing.


As crazy as it sounds, she missed the good ol’ Michigan grass. She missed her soft dirt trails, free of rocks; she missed the calming rivers, Great Lakes, sandy beaches, and pristine forests that raised her. From then on, she decided to bring everything she loved about dude ranches in the mountains of Wyoming to the rivers and forests of Northern Michigan. Rose Creek Horse Adventures was born.

Owners Andrew & Amanda with their Hereford cows
Amanda packing out west
Amanda and Gypsy in the Thunder Bay River
Hay bales on the wagon
Amanda guiding out West
Black beans
Amanda running with Walker
Large square baler
3 generations of the Sumerix family

The Sumerix family loves their land and are dedicated to farming the land wisely. On the outskirts of the trails, you may see their farm fields growing beans (soy, black, navy, or red), hay (timothy, fescue, or orchard grass), alfalfa, clover, oats, or wheat. You may also see Andrew & Amanda's growing herd of Hereford cow/calf pairs! 


Rose Creek Horse Adventures gets its name from the creek that winds its way through the Sumerix family’s property. Rose Creek was named in honor of Rose, the woman who used to own the prime, high and dry hardwoods on the property with access to the Thunder Bay River.

Step away from the hustle and bustle and come ride with us to enjoy the clear streams and vibrant nature from horseback. Friendly horses, beautiful trails, and good company...what more could you ask for?